5 Reasons to Choose Magento As the ECommerce Platform for Your Online Business

Over the past few years, Magento has rapidly became the number one option for online sites to grow into a profitable business. With more than 4 million companies using it as their chosen eCommerce platform, this open source web application has an equally impressive number of developers constantly adding new features and customizing new extensions to make it even more flexible, increasing performance and reliability, creating an ever superior product at a low cost.

Here is a list of the top 5 reasons why Magento is the current superior eCommerce platform out there:

Reason #1: Its customizable pricing rules are easy enough to configure in order to create promotions, special deals, and all sorts of campaigns to increase conversions. The Flexible Coupons discounts for a fixed amount or by percentage can be apply to and restricted by groups of customers, stores, periods of times, categories, and products, resulting in promotions such as Free Shipping or Buying X, you'll get Y for free. This functionality also allows the visualization and filtering according to recently viewed products or new promotions. Additionally, polls on the products and promotions can be created and a sitemap using the Google Site Map tool.

Reason #2: Its reporting functionality, fully integrated with Google Analytics, allows a better understanding of the site performance in order to make the necessary changes to improve its weak spots. From the Admin Dashboard, a series of reports can be viewed con sales, taxes, RSS feeds, products, tags, and search terms. The admin user has also access to the abandoned shopping cart report, best viewed, best purchased, coupons use and best customer that allows him to learn how the campaigns are working and which are the best selling products.

Reason #3: Its search engine friendly URLs and SEO tools will provide the site a better positioning on browsers and attract more clients. In addition to that, the platforms comes with a unique Rewrite tool that allows the admin user to have more control over the URLs created, by specifying the structure of the URL for each product page, as well as the meta information.

Reason #4: Its inventory management provides the admin full control over the catalog administration, with features such as configurable RSS feeds for low amount alerts, manageable tax rates according to products, customers grouping, and location, and attributes for creating products faster by types. Management of product tags and reviews as well as product pricing rules and special prices. This functionality also allows the admin image management, sizing and watermarks.

Reason #5: Its integration with a number of payment gateways as well as other payment methods as PayPal gives it the versatility necessary for a robust eCommerce platform. Also available for payment by check/money order and purchase order extensions through Magento Connect and fully integrated with Authorized.net. Other possibility is the saved credit cards method con offline payments.

Although Magento is a moderately simple platform to install, it has its tricks when it comes to its integration with other platforms, and there are some companies that provides the service of installation for very little or no money at all. This will be the fastest and safest way to have this very versatile platform up and running incorporated to a site in no time.

Source by Bel B Garciat

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