5 Steps to Building a Stronger Social Media Following

Social media marketing has become an important part of every business strategy. It makes it possible for a brand to build a solid relationship with the people who use its products and services. It is also a great platform for reaching out to possible new customers. If you do not take steps to make sure that you are fostering long-term relationships with your followers, though, then you will have little to show for your efforts.

Building a strong loyalty through social networks will go a long way in making your business a success. Loyal fans will do a lot to help drive sales and increase the number of followers you have because they will act as your brand champions. To create a loyal fan base, you need to be taking steps to make it happen everyday.

Here is what you need to be doing with your social media channels to start building a strong, long-term relationship with your followers:

1. Be consistent with your posts

You cannot expect fans to feel a bond with your brand if you rarely communicate with them online. Consistently posting to your different channels will keep your followers engaged.

Letting too much time pass between posts, tweets, and status updates puts your company on the backburner for your audience. Being consistent and posting often will keep you relevant and always present.

Do not go overboard with your posts, however, or you will quickly become a nuisance to your followers. Pick a key time of day to post to get maximum exposure each day.

2. Craft your content for each channel

Not all content works best for each social network. Images and videos perform very well on Facebook. Twitter is a great network for short, sweet tweets. Pinterest is a highly visual social network where great images shine. LinkedIn is the place to post more professional written content to share.

Make sure that the content you are posting is the best choice for each social media platform in order to see the most engagement.

3. Take part in conversations

People use social media in order to make connections. If a customer reaches out to you online, take the time to engage with them. If they send you a message, reply. If they leave a comment on one of your posts, like it. If they share a picture, comment on it. These will help you build a stronger bond with the people you are communicating with on your social networks.

4. Avoid activity overload

You don't want to put out too many posts out on social media at the same time. Too much content at once can quickly lead to a decrease in the number of people who want to keep following you.

If you are doing a live-tweet for a show or event, then a string of tweets is expected. Doing a rapid-fire list of tweets and posts about your products is not appreciated by your followers.

Set up a tool that will let you schedule your posts so that they are not all going out at the same time and filling up your followers' new feeds.

5. Set up contests and promotions

People love to win things! They also love promotions, exclusive discounts, and freebies. If your fans know that there is a chance of scoring a great deal or even winning a prize, they are going to stay highly tuned-in to your social media channels.

Use contests and promotions to encourage more engagement and interaction with your fans. They will also be more likely to share your promotions with their own friends, which could mean a growing fan base for your company.

Creating a loyal fan base is not something that will happen overnight. It takes a consistent plan of action to build those strong relationships that your business wants.

How are you growing stronger brand loyalty with your fans?

Source by Dawn Pigoni

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