A Social Networking Review With The SynkMonkey App

Social networking has become a very popular aspect of everyday life today. Many tools and websites have been developed to aid in this form of communication. Among the newest entrants into this frontier is the SynkMonkey App that makes organizing of files and diaries easy. It also eases the communication with friends and staying in touch.

It is a mobile phone application developed on the java platform therefore compatible with most handsets and PDAs. It allows for creation of text message invitations and distribution to friends who have installed the app on their phones. They will receive the message on their phones and they will be enlightened on what is happening.

People who are planning an outing with friends will find this application very useful. They are able to share information on where they will be meeting and can even hold group chats and make contributions as to the best spot. This would cost a lot of money to call each individual separately.

Coordination of small events is made easier by the software since people are able to communicate. They have produced a new version called the beta that allows people without the software installed on their phones.

The user interface is very friendly and simple to use and therefore many people find themselves in favor of the system. It has low requirements that are placed on hardware and for this reason no upgrading is necessary. Its icons are installed on home screens for easy launch. The process can run as a background process allowing the user to do other activities with their hardware.

The software is available online as a freeware and shareware but caution is advised when downloading and installing it. This is because there are hackers who embed malicious programs in these files and could use these to gain access to information without authority.

Creating and sending an email and text message back and forth between friends is eliminated through this great application. This reduces redundancy but is not advised for official correspondence. This is because there are no records and logs of conversations taking place therefore official proof of transactions is not available.

The size of this downloaded file is small and hence it takes up limited footprint in the memory of any phone on which it has been installed. This is great since it optimizes storage space and thus eliminates the need to expand it through micro-SD cards.

Very many smart phones are built with support for this kind of software being inbuilt from the factory. Their manufacturers offer them for download from their online stores. These are among some trusted sources that users should make use of. They are governed by the site administrators therefore minimizing the risk to an individual.

Online people have reviewed their experiences with this new tool and there are many guides on its use and management. However with continued use many individuals find that it is easy and do they enjoy the experience. There have also developed a comprehensive help menu that users can consult easily.

Source by Trevor Heck

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