Eset Smart Security Uninstaller – How to Remove and Uninstall Eset Smart Security Completely

Many people complained that it is very difficult to remove Eset Smart Security completely through the Windows Add/Remove programs: no matter what they tried, Eset Smart Security could not be uninstalled, and while trying to overwrite the program with the reinstalled one, they kept coming across permission denied error every time. If you also have this problem, don't worry, the steps below will tell you how to remove Eset Smart Security and NOD32 completely:

Manual Eset Smart Security removal:

Remove Eset Smart Security method one:

Step 1. Click Start – All Programs – ESET – Uninstall.

Step 2 Restart your computer after you uninstall ESET.

Step 3. After that, go to see the hidden files and folders: Start – Control Panel – Folder Options – View, and then choose Show hidden files and folders.

Step 4. Click Start – My Computer, and then locate and delete the folders below:

C:Program FilesESET

C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataESET

C:Documents and Settings%USER%Application DataESET

If you use a Windows Vista and Windows 7 computer, delete the folders below:

C:Program FilesESET

C:Program DataESET

Usually, this uninstaller can remove the folders above. Check Show hidden files and folders, if you can not find these folders there, it means that this removal is complete.

Remove Eset Smart Security method two:

Step 1. Press F8 on boot to enter to the safe mode.

Step 2. Make sure the ESET service or any related services are disabled by the following instructions, otherwise you are unable to continue the next steps.

Start – Run and type in services.msc

Stop all the ESET related services, there are probably two such services with the name ESET Service and ESET Http Server.

Go into Command prompt, input sc delete ekrn, and then input sc delete EhttpSrv

Step 3. Go to C:Program Files and delete the ESET folder. Do not delete the wrong folder if you also have other ESET products on your computer. Change the drive letter to the drive where Windows is installed.

Step 4. Start – Run, and type Regedit. In the Registry Editor, locate HK_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware and then delete the entire ESET key. Click Yes when a prompt shows.

Step 5. Restart your computer in the normal mode.

If you think it is very complicated and hard to do as the instructions above tell, then here is another try.

Force Uninstall ESET Smart Security automatically, especially the half-uninstalled or corrupted one:

This can be done easily by using a professional Eset Smart Security uninstaller, and Best Uninstall Tool is no doubt the best one. After running this program in the safe mode, you can use the "Force Uninstall" function of this program to find out the folder path of ESET: C:Program FilesESET and then delete all the related folders one by one so as to fully remove Eset Smart Security.

Source by Chris R Hill

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