How Social Networking Sites and Social Media Drive Traffic To Your Site

The last five years have seen explosive growth in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Facebook has become one of the biggest sites in the world, and many advertisers have made millions of dollars by advertising through these sites. While some marketers have embraced these sites, other marketers and businesses have shied away from advertising through social media. The truth is that because of the sheer volume of traffic you can attract just from social media sites like the Million Dollar Network, it is essential that you make social media part of your marketing portfolio.

Advertising on a social media site is a lot different than advertising in traditional social media. Advertising at the Million Dollar Network is no exception. It is important to recognize that many people will simply post links on the site everyday with the hope of driving traffic to their blogs. Simply posting a link to all of your blog posts everyday will drive traffic to your blog, but there are more effective ways to get traffic to your page through the network. You should be posting on the network just about every day.

You want to make it as easy as possible for a potential reader to check out your information. Provide tons of free and useful information to your followers through your own blog. Every user on the network has a blog where they can post useful information for their readers. On some days, you might just want to post a personal message on your status update. If you continuously promote new products through your blog posts and status updates every day without providing any real value to your readers, you will have a tough time generating traffic through the network.

The Million Dollar Network is Unlike other social network because they welcome internet marketers. The site is targeted and designed specifically for internet marketers. Anyone can advertise a product through the network, and you will not get banned like you will at Facebook and other sites.

You can become a friend of everyone on the network when you are a premium member. Premium members will instantly be able to market to thousands of other marketers on the site through the news feeds page. This will help you drive a plethora of traffic to your sites. This is also a great way to brand your name in the internet marketplace. If you post news feeds on your profile every day when you are friends with everyone, this should drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

Source by Mark Ziny

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