How to Grow Your Web 2.0 Social Media Marketing Website and Get Free Traffic to Your Business

Before you go gun-ho on driving traffic to your website be sure that it is interesting and resourceful for visitors. Let your social media site be complete and fill in the profile all the way so people can learn about you at will. People join people not programs.

Adding Friends

Adding friends to your social marketing website should be a constant activity, this serves as an extended contact list. Be sincere with your new friends as you build rapport. Use welcome messages and post page comments.

Posting comments on someone's page will build the impulse of that individual and compel them to view your page. So take a little time to post a compliment onto a social friends page. Let them know how much you adore their profile, web page and blog's, videos or pictures. Keep close attention on your clock. Sites like Facebook can be fun and time can fly-by quickly.

When you reply to messages, IM (instant message) or chat with web-friends, the conversation becomes intimate. It is a one on one dialogue and you give and receive authentically between yourself and the person you are speaking with. Don't be afraid to ask for advice about one of your projects but you don't want to over-sell the goods.

Joining Keyword Social Groups

By joining groups you gain instant access to a large amount of niche market friends. With a community of like-minded individuals do you think that you would be more likely to gain sells or interest people to your website? Of course you would, and they are waiting for you to do so now. Just spread the word. Honestly, you don't want to go into any group like a vulture, you'll get spotted out fast. Instead learn some things and get involved with the conversation. If there are any group discussions going on then do some research and get involved with solutions. This stands you out seeing as though it is the words that hold the value and power in this life.

Building Your Own Keyword Oriented Group

By building your own niche group you present yourself as a leader and create a movement or a following. This is more powerful than you know. Everyone in your group sees you as the Top Guy or Top Gal. In Self Branding, which is the name of the game, you want to be seen as the one who knows what he is doing.

I'll say this again if your next move doesn't pertain to increasing your contact list then your efforts are futile. Starting your own group is an easy way to build a list. At the click of a mouse button you can send a message to a community of web-friends and prospects. Your list is the collection of personal contacts that a group of individual has given you permission to use in contacting them. You gain the advantage because you get to create a relationship with your group that is sincere, so don't trash it by trying to sell, sell, sell!

Imagine having three groups on three different social marketing sites and each group has about 700 web-friends a piece. That's over 6,000 contacts that you can send a message to. Looking at the law of average, if only 2% took hold of your offer, went to your website and became customers with a $7 product, that's still a few hundred bucks at just a 2% conversion rate.

This is what you've learned

  • Complete the profile
  • Add friends daily
  • Be interactive
  • Join groups
  • Provide solutions
  • Build you own group
  • Feed them with sincerity and value
  • Be consistent and patient

Source by Keenan Dijon

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