Kaspersky Internet Security 2011

The 2011 version of Kaspersky internet security offers total protection for your PC and laptop. The latest version allows you to remain safe online and protects you and the users of your computer no matter whether you are shopping, browsing, banking, working or playing.

Kaspersky Internet Security will protect your computer or laptop from being attacked by hackers and protects your files, music and photos. It uses real time protection against emerging security threats which could attack your machine.

The web can be an unsafe place and sometimes the sites you visit come under attack from cyber criminals who inject malicious code with the intent of spreading viruses to the site's visitors. Kaspersky protects you from this kind of attack with a feature called New Safe Surf. When you enable this feature you will never come in contact with these harmful sites. Updates from Kaspersky Lab will help the software to automatically block your access to any offensive sites giving you peace of mind when surfing the web.

Identity theft is a real problem these days. Your computer holds a lot of information about you and is very desirable to hackers as they can perform illegal acts and steal your money. Kaspersky helps to protect your personal identity while you are shopping and doing your online banking. Protecting your digital identity is also important while you are social networking online. This can be a particularly useful feature for protecting children, who are often unaware of the dangers which may be lurking on the web.

If you are parent you will worry about what your children are doing online. The Internet is excellent for homework and entertainment but there are also dangers. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has advanced parental controls will give you the power to block access to certain sites, limit the time spent online and log applications so you know what your child is doing online. By setting the parental controls you can allow your children to freely explore the web and to be safe.

The spread of computer viruses is often done through programs which are downloaded onto your machine, or sent to you via email. Kaspersky's security software fully monitors all programs which are executed and grants them rights to your systems resources based on automatic risk assessment through real time monitoring using the Kaspersky Lab security database.

Kaspersky keeps an eye on your system constantly and will analyse all events which take place to check for suspicious behaviour. If a threat is detected you will be notified and requested to undo any malicious program activity.

The internet is about sharing; thousands of videos, songs and programs are shared every minute all around the world and sometimes we cannot be certain they are safe. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 has a feature which allows you to run suspicious programs in a safe mode. The safe mode is an isolated environment where the program can be run which cannot damage your computer.

New viruses are created every day in the hope the cybercriminals can fool your antivirus software and break through the real time protection. If this happens when using Kaspersky there is the ability to use the installation CD as a reboot disk if you ever need to restore your computer. If you have downloaded your copy of Kaspersky Internet Security you can create your own reboot disc.

Source by Louise Goldstein

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