Organic Gardening – Ebb and Flow Hydroponics

Ebb and flow is one of the many techniques that are used in hydroponic gardening. It is a simple method that uses a growing tray and a supply pump. it is a basic method that will supply your plants with the source of water and nutrients they need to thrive.

The plants you are growing are cultivated in a growing tray. Them water and nutrients are feed automatically by simple method known as flood and drain, water is pumped in this method from a reservoir of water and a submersible pump is used to fill the tray. Whenever the water and nutrients are pumped into the growing tray the stale air is forced out of the growing media. This allows for all the plants root system to be feed along with watered equally. When the water from the tray drains back into the reservoir it draws fresh air into the media for the root system to benefit from. Plants love this method because it delivers them a steady supply of fresh water, nutrients and oxygen for them to thrive. This system is set to preform this same cycle between for to eight times a day, depending on the crops you are growing and there demands to be productive.

Hydroponics is a great way to grow a healthy and productive crop. With this method of growing crops you will need to work in harmony with the plants you are growing and learning there needs. It is an enjoyable along with being an eco-friendly way of growing your crops.

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