Social Networking Strategy – Communication is the Key!


Many professional s are using this simple and effective website to display their resume credentials with picture and interests. Have the ability to join groups and ask questions on different topics.

You can also request referrals and request to speak to professionals in other networks via permission based email. Add people your network and grow you resources with your own social network.

Post updates , search for groups and connect with other in you network through existing connects ( with permission) Ask question to industry experts on different topics and join relative groups online.

Created your own online resume through easy to use template is great benefit you can update at your own convenience. There are also various types of online software that is available to upload presentations you have completed and search for answer by asking industry experts.

Have had the opportunity to locate previous co-workers and friends with easy to use networking addition feature.


This social function allows you to type 140 characters of information from daily interests to links and website you may be connected to. Tweeting is simple and easy to do. You can have followers or follow others on the social networking journey. Many CEO, singers and actors can be found twitting on their daily happenings.

Recently many corporations have used the Twitter to keep their customer informed on company news and product and service launches.

You can also post links to other networking sites that you have posted information for followers to learn more about you in the social networking arena.

There are many other enhancement software you can find online to increase the people you want to have follow or have following you.

This is social website has its advantages in being an "connection" website to link people with other social website you are on, from posting links of articles or blog post of interest.


Facebook has combination of resources to use. Taking approach of learning it step and step to create profile that is interested and engaging with your friends, make frequent updates and work toward building your profile.

Creating your own sub groups within the community where you can promote events to a specified inner circle of entrepreneurs and professionals.

You can add pictures of events you have attended to build you relationship with other and share what your interests. You can tie in your blog address to your profile and attach other blogs that you also read.

Promote events that you are planning to attend and share them with your group who are in the local vicinity.

The environment of friends you create will have an impact on the type of information you give and receive with you profile. Avoid playing games and participating in activities that could have potential to distract you

Connection of networks

Key goal is to combine the networks to create a strategy of interest which will lead to following.

Create interest

Share with your networks what you are doing. Do speak regularly or write articles online. Do you associate or promote people of interest who add value to people.

Promote Events

What events do you attend in your area and why. Take pictures of events and post them with brief explanation.

Create referrals

You have to create an appetite that your potential customer customers need to follow you and learn more about you. In all the above networks you can email and send message to your online professional's database. Email and ask them what they are doing and how you can assist.

Get Connected-Make it Happen

Get connected with the people who can bring value to you and your group and gradually learn and understand how you can bring value to them. Either by specific information or events of interest and in due time you can make great things happen!

We covered some simple steps to a productive and result oriented social experience is a process to being confident to try influence and understand how you deal with people online within the various social networks available above.

Source by Jim Pagiamtzis

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