Somebody Please Just Give Me a Straight Answer – What is the "Definition for Social Networking?"

Okay…before we even begin to look at the "definition for social networking" – Outlaw Style, we need to look at the true definition of the terminology.

"The "definition for social networking". A social network is a set of social actors (e.g. people, organizations, communities, nations) and a set of social relationships (e.g. friendship/affect, communication, economic transactions, interactions, kinship, authority/hierarchy, trust, social support, diffusion, contagion, shared memberships) among them. Considering social relationships as a network calls attention in some manner (e.g. graphically, analytically) to the importance of the pattern or structure of the set of relationships.

Oh my goodness that is boring! Boring Boring….but it is true. It's about identifying single traits and similarities that meet your criteria for a group and "hanging out with them." See what i mean

A personal social network is the pattern of relationships among a set of actors who have a relationship to a particular focal person. A community social network is the pattern of relationships among a set of people and/or organizations in a community Each of these networks can involve social support, provide people with a sense of community and lead them to help and protect each other.

For us network marketers the key is to first of all understand that social networking, whether it is done face-to-face or on the internet, is a critical part of our business growth and one which requires constant development. Just like any relationship…we tend to buy more from people that we have relationships with ..for sure.

And the true value from social networking really comes from first of all identifying the main "trigger points" of the prospect and then finding ways to help that person with their "trigger" needs. This could range from

– more time with my family

– money to pay my bills

– want to go on a special vacation

– want to own my own business

For the Outlaws…we address the internet as an amazing forum for social networking. Our "definition for social networking" does the same thing as above but utilizes things such as FaceBook, My Space, Linked In and Wowzza as examples. Forums such as these create great opportunities for social networking. The difference is all in the approach and believe me it is strategic. But that's for another day of discussion.

Here's to your success!

Rivers Corbett

Co-Founder – MLM Outlaws

Source by Rivers Corbett

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